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The Cat Who Taught Me a Lesson in Trust

I hurried out the door for church earlier tonight, unaware of the lesson God was about to teach me. Or more specifically, remind me. I’ve been dealing with some health issues these past few months. My glaucoma is still being monitored as well as one other thing that isn’t eye related. I had to get a woman’s exam a few days ago that did NOT go well. They told me I needed a mammogram. Now I’m not afraid of the film itself. I know it doesn’t hurt. I’m more concerned about the results. I’ve been praying, asking God to help me through it. Despite this, I’ve still felt fear re: what could possibly be wrong. I do trust God, but I sometimes need a reminder that He’ll always be there. Well, tonight He gave it to me in a way I could never have expected.

I got home from church tonight to find Rajah not here. I called his name, rattled his food bowl, but he didn’t come running as he usually does. I gave him a few minutes, thinking he had just fallen asleep while I was gone and he needed a minute to wake up. No response. It was then that I realized something was very wrong. Searching the apt one more time, I opened the door and called his name. Still no response. I started praying, asking God to keep Rajah Safe and bring him back to me. I closed the door and ate some dinner I had brought home while still keeping an ear out for Rajah’s meow. After eating two of the three tacos I had bought, I decided to check again. Opening the door, I heard the happiest sound in the world-Rajah’s bell as he walked towards the open door. I thanked God right on the spot and then beckoned my little escape artist back into the house. He came after a minute or so. Once Rajah was safely inside, I picked him up and cuddled him close. I told him how unsafe wandering the halls was and expressed my joy that he had come back by kissing him and rubbing his shoulders. He responded by purring and kissing me. As I held him close, I realized something. I didn’t know if he had been out there from the time I had left or just for that little amount of time after I had returned. Then I realized it didn’t matter. The important thing was he was safe and sound. I then heard God whisper something in my heart. “If I looked out for Rajah, what makes you think I won’t do the same for you? I took care of Rajah and brought him back to you. Fear not, my child. I will take care of you too.” I thanked Him again and let a few tears of relief and gratitude fall. The Father was right. If He looked out and took care of a precious cat, then He’ll take care of me as well. With that blessed assurance, what do I have to fear? So as the day of the mammogram grows nearer, any time I feel fear starting to grip me, I’ll remember how God used a precious little creature to remind me He’ll keep me safe just like He kept Rajah safe on his little adventure.
Aloha for now
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