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Power Rangers fanfic help, please!

To start this entry off, I've been a huge MMPR fan since the beginning! My fave Rangers are Kat, Aisha, Kim and Zack! I've been looking for a Kat centered story for a few months now. I read it a very long time ago, but now I can't find it! The story was about Kat's home life. Her stepfather was abusive and both of her parents drank heavily. They also expected Kat to do most of the housework. I remember a vivid scene where Kat calls for help after an especially bad beating. Jason arrives and threatens to break Kat's stepfather's arm for what he did to Kat. Kat/Billy friendship was also featured in the story as well. There is also a scene where Kat doesn't want to go home after school and i Think she stays in the power chamber for the night. If anyone recognizes this story or knows where I can find it, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
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