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First Disney movie you ever saw?

Aloha everyone! I was just wondering what the first Disney movie you ever saw was? To make this more DPrincess related, what was the first Disney princess movie you saw as well? Is it one you still like til this day?

For me, the first official Disney movies I saw were Peter Pan and Pinocchio. I loved Peter Pan because I saw it with my best friend who was more of a sister to me. We were super close and we had an awesome time watching Peter Pan together! Wendy was always my favorite character and then came Michael! "Your Mother and Mine" was my favorite song. As for Pinocchio, I loved Jiminey Cricket. My favorite song was "Give a Little Whistle." i only saw Pinocchio once and that was fine with me. As for the first DP movie, it was Snow White and I dislikedi it with a passion! I was so scared by it that my parents and I had to leave the theatre. But when i saw TLM, I LOVED it! I tried watching SW again years later and I still didn't like it.
How about the rest of you?
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