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When It Comes to Le Miss, Once is More Than Enough!

As the subject line states, when it comes to Le Miss, once is more than enough. As I said in my latest entry, Kim and I went to see Le Miss for her birthday on Saturday while I was there. I loved young Cassette and “Castle on a Cloud” is my favorite song. As for the rest of it, if it wasn’t’ for the describer and the one mistake a cast member made, I would have been more bored than I was. The describer kept messing a few of the names up! It was hilarious! He didn’t even get this one chick’s name right until the scene where she died! GOL! Then to top it off, one of the actors messed up in the actual play! It was during the scene where that Gean bal Gean dude comes to get Cossette. At one point, the couple who take her in and are horrible to her try to argue with the Gean dude. The husband is like, “Let’s not haggle for young dear Colette.” GOL! The wife turned around and was like, “It’s Cosette.” And the guy’s like, “Oh yeah, right.” GOL! Since I hadn’t seen the play before, I thought the guy was so neglectful, mean and abusive that he was supposed to forget her name. Kim informed me that he wasn’t supposed to do that. Let’s just say I was glad when it was over. I tried to find a Cossette souvenir, but they didn’t have anything. I might look on ebay. I had fun sharing the experience with Kim, but seeing Le Miss was enough for me.
Oh, one more thing that made the experience worth remembering. After the play finished (it was SOOO long!), I asked the guy helping us if we could meet the cast, but unfortunately he said no. The reason was because people ask that all the time and it’s impossible for the cast to come out after each performance; you’d have to be invited backstage. We were both very disappointed because I really wanted to meet young Cosette and Kim wanted to meet that Eponine girl who died in the second act. Anyway, Kim’s mom found us and we got in the elevator, which is when the miracle occurred. We heard someone’s mom say that the next show wasn’t until 7:30 and did her daughter want to get something to eat. a little girl agreed and then was asked if she liked playing Cosette. She said, “Yes, I Love it!” I was staring straight ahead and thinking that this girl sounded familiar. It wasn’t until they were getting off the elevator that The truth hit us like Piper blowing up a demon; Charmed fans will understand the reference. The little girl and her mother had just left and we were right behind them. I looked over at Kim and we whispered, “Oh my gosh!” We’d just missed our chance to meet young Cosette! I mensioned that aloud and Kim’s mom explained that the girl was pretending and that there was no way she could have been the same person since she had on a different outfit, “Her mom asked her which character in the play she’d like to be, and the girl said that she’d love to be Cosette.” Hello, I may not have enjoyed the play as much as Kim, but I know that young Cosette was only in the first act, so she definitely had time to change out of her costume. Kim’s mom didn’t convince either of os because her reasoning was flawed, and I thought she said she’d seen Les Mis two or three times! Kim and I are absolutely positive that we ran into the person playing youngCosette and her mother on the elevator and unfortunately missed our chance to meet her, but we’ll def never for get this experience.

Who? God
What? He loves you.
Where? Everywhere
When? Always, forever, without ceasing.
How? Unconditionally, totally and completely.
Why? Because you are His child.

“God is here and He loves us. In spite of all the mistakes. And He has a plan for us all.” Gloria
More about my time at Kim’s in the next two entries to come.
Mesai an and Aloha for now
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