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My Jem and the Holograms Musings

I know I’ve mentioned Jem and the Holograms a lot in my past few entries. I also promised to go into more detail about her and the show in another entry. Well Here we are!

Jem and the Holograms was an awesome show in the 1980’s. I grew up with it and I still love it til this day!

The show is about a band called the Holograms. The band is made up of Jerrica/Jem and her sister, Kimber and their friends Aja, Raea and Shaina. Jem is who Jerrica becomes with the help of a holographic maker named Synergy. Synergy also helps the girls in other ways too. Jerrica’s late father created Synergy. He passed her onto Jerrica just beforehe he died. Jerrica and the others also run a hoem for foster girls called Starlight mansion. They also own half of a company called Starlight music to support the foster girls they take care of. Jem and the Holograms performed concerts for lots of bennefits and to help a lot of people. Their music is awesome and full of very possitive and powerful messages for everyone-girls and young women especially. While some of their songs aren’t suitable for very young girls, most of their songs are fine for everyone to listen to.

I LOVE how they deal with real life issues in the show too. One of their foster girls, BaNee is the cutest and one of my favorite chars. She and Jerrica have a very close bond. And even though the little girl loves it whenever Jerrica changes into Jem and she enjoys their music, she loves Jerrica as herself best of all. One of the episodes dealt with BaNee having to get eye surgery. Jerrica didn’t leave her for a second. She did everything she could to raise the money for her surgery and BaNee knew she could count on her.

The funny thing is, when I watched Jem when I was younger, I loved the music more than the show back then. I've been rewatching episodes of Jem on youtube and loving every single minute of it! I can’t wait to buy the entire series on DVD when it comes out in Oct of this year!

My favorite chars are Jerrica/Jem, Aja, Shana and BaNee. I also love Joany from the Starbright episodes and of course Rio to a certain extent. I have a custom CD of my favorite Jem songs that I listen to and I'm still adding to it.

My favorite episodes are: Starbright, A Father Should Be, Adventure in China, Open a Book, Alone Again, Frame Up, The Music Awards and a lot of others!

As for the music, I have too many favorite songs to list them all here! But here are a few.

All’s Right with the World
Only the Beginning
We Can Make a Difference
Family Is
When It’s Only Me and the Music
It Takes Work
People Who Care
Puttin’ It All Together
We Can Change It
Music is Magic
Believe in Yourself
Like a Dream
Look Inside Yourself
Straight from the Heart
Love is Here
Show Me the Way
Love Unites Us

I’ve been dealing with a Jem episode mystery for the longest time now! I hope any Jem and the Holograms fans out there might be able to help me solve it.

Is there an episode where Jerrica collapses and starts feeling really sick or weak after loosing her Jem Star earrings or maybe she was stuck as Jem and loossing strength for another reason. Out of all the episodes I watched when I was younger, I remember something like that very vividly, but I’m not sure what episode it was! I checked around, but I couldn’t find much info on it. If anyone can help me and solve the mystery, I’d really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!
Mesai an and Aloha for now
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