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How Young is Too Young for HP?

When Dad and I went to go see HP7-Part 2,there were only a few other people in the theater. One of them was a woman wit ha few small children. By small, I mean like two or three, maybe four-years-old. She had to keep asking them to be quiet several times. I even missed a small dialogue exchange when Harry and co were in the bank because the kids were yelling. I honestly don’t think she should have brought them with her. If she couldn’t find a baby-sitter, she should have waited for a night when she did have one. It was very distracting for everyone else. I love kids, but I don’t think you should bring kids younger than eight or nine to see Harry Potter. I’ll even go as far to say wait until they’re ten at the most.

What does everyone else think? At what age is it appropriate to bring kids to movies like Harry Potter?
Mesai an and Aloha for now
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