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My Aladdin TV Survey

Hi! I thought I would create this “Aladdin” TV Survey for everyone to take! Just answer it in a reply and replace my answers with your own! Enjoy!

1. What was the first episode of “Aladdin” you ever saw?

“The Ethereal.” And it remains to be one of my favorites till this day. It’s probably because Jasmine is my second fav princess!

2. What are your fave “Aladdin” episodes?

“The Ethereal,” “Strike Up the Sand,” “SandSwitch,” “Witch Way Did She Go?,” “Fowl Weather,” “Some Enchanted Genie,” “Love At First Sprite,” “Lost City of the Sun,” “Rider’s Redux,” “Garden of Evil,” “Eggstra Protection,” “Do the Rat Thing,” “The Animal Kingdom,” “Dune Quixit,” “The Love Bug, ” “Stinkerbell,” “The Way We War,” “The Vapor Chase,” “The Prophet Motive,” “Riders Redux,” “Caught by the Tale,” “Eye of the Beholder” and “Scare Necessities.”

3. Favorite character (s)?

Jasmine, Sadira, Dhandi, Edan, Thundra, Yani, Rajah and Iago.

4. Lease Favorite character (s)?

Least Favorite Character: Mozenraph and Mechanicallys.

Fave Villian:

Fave Villan: Mirage paws down! I also love Abis Mal and Herude for their comic relief!

5. If any, what character outside of cannon do you identify with and why?

Sadira. She and I both were abandoned by a parent and forced to fend for ourselves at an early age. All we want is to be accepted for who we are.

6. What cannon char do you identify with if any?

Jasmine! We both love taking care of children and helping people. And we both hate being told what to do. We also want to be free to see the world but feel trapped by a member of our family.

What episode is your least favorite?

I really didn’t like any episodes with Mozenraph except for “Lost City of the Sun”, “The Wind Jackals of Mozenraph” and “The Book of Cartoom.” I guess it’s because he’s not my favorite character and I really didn’t like him at all.

What friendship in your opinion grew the most on the show?
Iago and Jasmine’s hands down! I LOVED how the show portrayed it and how it grew over the three season period.

7. Finally, what did you think should have been explored that wasn’t entirely addressed?

Definitely more about Sadira’s past. But even more so, Jasmine’s past. We don’t even know anything about her mother except she liked flowers and died shortly after giving birth to Jasmine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking this survey as much as I enjoyed creating it!
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